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Saturday, 07 October 2006 00:59

Mathematical Skill and Concentration Development for Toddlers:

The normal concentration span of a small child is very less. He is filled with high level of energy and does not like to sit at a place. You can make him sit only if you provide him something of his interest. We have developed a programme specially for toddlers and work on mathematical skill development of the kid. The basis of this is Vedic Mathematics.

Finger Counting & Silly Mistakes Removal for Kids:

Finger Counting and silly mistakes are two very serious weaknesses which hampers students progress in mathematics. A child gets into the habit of finger counting from the time he starts getting familiar with the numbers. He starts his journey to counting by representing numbers with lines. He learns to add by adding lines and subtract by removing lines. Over a period of time from adding and removing lines on paper or slate he starts using fingers. This develops in an irreversible habit of finger counting. This remains with the child when he grows up. This makes him slow.

Silly mistakes can be termed as careless mistakes, which happen due to wavering concentration and overconfidence. This hampers the overall performance of the child. We have developed and running a programme called Finger Counting and Silly Mistakes removal for kids. The basis of this is Vedic Mathematics.

Marks Improvement & Competitive Skill Development Tool for middle & high School students:

Once a student enters into the middle school level the dynamics and priority changes. Here the students have more to read and more things to concentrate upon. In this scenario he wants to do every thing fast so that he can achieve more in less time. Due to this he commits silly mistakes. This becomes more pronounced because he does not have a tool, which can help him in verifying his answer. Vedic Mathematics provides him a tool where he can verify his answer without rework. (multiplication, division, squares, cubes, square root, cube root included). We are running this programme at our centre.

Approximation and Intelligent Guessing Tool for CAT/MBA & IIT JEE:

To carry out approximation one needs to very thorough with the tables. But how far you can memorize tables? Vedic Mathematics makes approximation a breeze. We are running this at our centre.

Business Negotiations/ Sales:

A business contract can be won time if you can provide a good deal without taking a lot of time and mind it you cannot always resort to calculator.

Maths Teachers:

It acts as an added qualification for Maths Teachers and proves to be a very strong tool for getting a job.

Share Brokers:

Share brokers can calculate their margins very fast using Vedic Mathematics. I had interacted with several share brokers and given them tips. Again this tool is very strong if you wish to work as share broker.


This technology is used by almost everybody who hold e-mail account, net-banking account, ATM cards, credit cards, debit cards etc. When you enter your secret pin into the ATM machine or on the net it takes a minimum of 300 milli seconds to respond back. This time can be reduced if we start using Vedic Mathematics in this arena. I have firm belief in this and I am doing research in this area to bring this 300 milliseconds time to approximately 50-60 milli seconds.

Computer Science: Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the area of computer science focusing on creating machines that can engage on behaviors that humans consider intelligent. ... NASA is working in this direction.

Chip Design:

Chip designed around Vedic Mathematics may allow computers to run faster. People have taken note of the power of Vedic Mathematics and few computer engineers are trying to work on this agenda. Recently they had contacted me and asked me to explain several sutras and sub-sutras in detail. This is one area of further research.


Working out molecular structure of an item takes very long time, some time it goes into several years (10 - 11 years). Software based on Vedic Mathematics can reduce this time frame to 1 to 2 years. A lot of research is required to prove the hypothesis correct.
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