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Written by Webmaster   
Thursday, 01 May 2008 00:00

Can not come to Gurgaon for attending Teacher's Training workshop?

You can invite our Experts to conduct teacher's training workshop in your city...and earn Handsomely for your effort.

You can charge the training fee for workshop according to your own calculation. You can build in your own profit into it after taking all costs in consideration. In case you want us to put your name as workshop coordinator on our website we can do that after your confirmed booking and payment.

This programme can be conducted in a day ( 8 Hrs.) or two days (4 - 4 Hrs.). We conduct it over two days at our training centres. But we recommend you to go for one full day programme rather than 2 days programme (economically makes sense, also good for people attending it).

The course material for this programme is provided by us on a nominal charge. All other expenses such as Travelling, boarding, lodging and fee of our trainers to be borne by you.

Please Contact Us to understand the project in a better way.




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