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MentOsAA--Teachers Training--Finger Counting Removal Programme
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Sunday, 25 November 2012 19:00

Attention Home Tutors/ Tutors/ Trainers

Add a New Revenue Stream to your Kitty

Learn to Use Vedic Maths & Games to Remove Finger Counting of Children

(8 - 12 years)


Parents across the world feel the pain when they see their kids counting on fingers. Finger Counting makes their kids SLOW. Learn to use the power of Vedic Maths & Games to work on finger counting removal of kids.  You can help parents after learning this technique and thereby earning handsomely.

Hurry!! Only 5 Seats Left

Finger counting and silly mistakes are two very serious weaknesses, which hampers student’s progress in maths. A child gets into the habit of finger counting from the time he starts getting familiar with the numbers. He starts his journey to counting by representing numbers with lines. He learns to add by adding lines and subtract by removing lines. Over a period of time from adding and removing lines on paper or slate he starts using fingers. This develops in an irreversible habit of finger counting. This remains with the child when he grows up. Finger Counting makes him SLOW.

Silly Mistakes can be termed as careless mistake that happen due to wavering concentration and overconfidence. This hampers the overall performance of the child. From our experience we can say that even a very good student lose marks due to silly mistakes. If both these monsters can be tamed then the child can aim for sky. He can go places. He can think of getting into best institutes of the world and have a secured future.

After years of research Magical Methods has developed a system which uses Vedic Maths and Games to remove finger counting of the students.

How Would You Benefit?

This programme equips you with a sought after skill not found anywhere else. We would train and certify you in this sought after skill. You would be able to start your home based business in a very small capital. We would provide you one set of "Finger Counting Removal Kit" worth Rs. 2105/- along with the training. We would also provide you with 200 coloured pamphlets which you can utilize to advertise your services. Moreover, you can keep all the fees you charge from your students no need to share it with us.

What is the duration of Course for Students?

4 to 6 months

How much you can Charge?

You can charge anything between Rs. 8000/- to Rs. 10,000/- for this task from the parents. If you are doing Home Tuition then you would be aware of the hourly rate prevailing in your area.

Classes are conducted at scheduled time through Video Conferencing. You can attend it through your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Programme Schedule

S. No.
Programme Start Date
Programme Time

Seats Available 

Workshop Coordinator 
1. 30th December 2017

8.00 p.m. to 9.00 p.m. IST

Twice a week

Saturday, Sunday

Total 4 Classes


Call Between 10.00 a.m. and 7.00 p.m.

Indian Standard Time



Faculty Mr. Pradeep Kumar:

Mr. Pradeep Kumar is an avid researcher and a remarkable trainer. He has over 25 years experience in industry. His work on Indian Mathematics (Vedic Maths) is most referred work across the country. He trains teachers to teach maths to children through games. He applies Vedic Math principles and Games to bring desired improvement in students. He owns 100s of copyrights and several patents. Hundreds of schools and thousands of teachers teaches using his methodology. Magical Methods has grown from a small entity to a behemoth under him.

Seat Fills up Very Fast. Register early to avoid Disappointment. Book Your Seat Now.

Customer's Feed-Back

I had the impression that my Child is an intelligent child till he was in class 2. I did not find any difficulty in teaching him till that time. As soon as he came in class 3 I started struggling with his studies. He was taking a lot of time in doing simple addition and subtraction. In the Parent Teacher Meeting I discussed about it with the teacher. The teacher told me that your child is doing Finger Counting and that's why he is slow. I asked her about the remedy but she showed ignorance. Then I started searching the Internet and after some search I found this by Magical Methods. I was overjoyed. Its really worth the money. My child is improving everyday. I would recommend it to all the parents like me who is going through the pain without knowing the remedy.

Mrs. Sudha Chandran, Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Payment Option for International Customers

Teachers Training Programme: Finger Counting Removal

USD 200

Free Shipping

Require 8 - 10 working days for delivery of Training Material

at your Home by International Courier.


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